Welcome to Your Solution for Stress

 Is stress doing this to you?


  • Making you sick

  • Draining your energy
  • Making you approach everything with negativity


PPotential results from stress:


  • Create failure

  • Dumb you down

  • Cause relapse in recovery

  • Change your biological age




Jim is a Stress Management Consultant, who is able to help you find a solution for your stress. He has worked for years with unions, public safety personnel, and individuals in recovery. Jim has not only found modalities that help, he has also found tools which are able to show the effects of stress on you.


 HeartQuest, HeartQuest Plus and the AngioScan, is equipment used throught the  use of Heart Rate Variability (HRV) to assess the many regulatory systems of the body and act as a compass as to which direction the patient's health is headed. The equipment was developed in Russia to monitor the health of members of their space and underwater programs. With these tools, Jim can help answer the questiion--are your treatments moving you in the right direction or do you need to change course?  


Jim Mc Aninch, a Certified NES Health Practitioner, is excited to bring the NES Total Wellness System to the Pittsburgh area.  Call/Email Jim to find out how the NES Total Wellness System can be used to quickly and easily restore your health.

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