WellNESS System

(for all types of animals)
In the race for wellness, the new animal wellness system finishes first every time.
Champions Choose WellNES

“Providential had a damaged hamstring, which was identified and treated by the Animal WellNES System. He really enjoyed it and not only won his next race, but was noticeably freer straight after in his action. He's a happier horse and I'm positive he'll reach his full potential this preparation. I'm keen to follow up further with this exciting breakthrough.”


The Animal WellNES System allows animal practitioners to quickly and easily restore animals' health using our proprietary 3-step process:
1. Re-assess the physiology with VetVision
2. Re-juvenate and unblock theenergy-field with the miHealth
3. Re-imprint the informationof the animal's controlsystem with Infoceuticals

Your pet deserves the very latest in Biofeedback technology.  Biofeedback measures your pet’s energy patterns and sends the data via the web to your practitioner.  They receive a report and phone call with your recommendations.


Your miHealth is updated with customized patterns of pulsed magnetic energy. You can use the miHealth to unblock and release energy blockages to activate your pet’s health. 

Biofeedback for Your Pet