Mandatory Disclosure

Wellness and/or Energy Therapy


  1. I fully understand that Jim Mc Aninch, the attending practitioner is not an allopathic or a licensed therapist and does not portray himself to be, but is a wellness/stress management consultant and/or Biofeedback practitioner.

  2. I fully understand that the difference between the practice of allopathic medicine, holistic practitioners, and energetic and Biofeedback practitioners and wellness/stress consultants.

  3. I fully understand that the services provided by Jim Mc Aninch is not allopathic but strictly energetic or Biofeedback in nature.

  4. I fully understand that the attending practitioner performs their services within the parameters of natural health care and wellness using Biofeedback and stress reduction or other energy therapies.

  5. I fully understand that Jim Mc Aninch does not offer allopathic drugs, surgery, chemical stimulants, radiation therapy or any other conventional treatment. In addition Jim does not diagnose, treat or otherwise prescribe for my disease, conditions or illness.

  6. I fully understand that my energy and stress parameters are being measured.

  7. I presently seek counsel, advice, opinions related to energetic balancing, stress and stress reduction practice. I am fully aware and release Jim to do Biofeedback and/or energy assessments.

  8. I fully understand that the services provided by Jim are in the emerging field of energetic medicine and my not be understood by all allopathic practitioners.

  9. By signing below I acknowledge that I have read and understand all parts of this waiver and that I have the opportunity to ask any questions with regard to any services or therapies offered.