The Total WellNESS System


ProVision returns recommended protocols to stimulate the client's innate self-healing ability.


PEMF therapy reduces pain and speeds up healing by stimulating stem cell production.


Regenerates damaged and diseased tissue.


Resolves performance issues in healthy people and aids recovery after injury or illness.


Relieves soreness, stiffness, arthritic conditions, ligament, tendon, muscle or bone injury.


Improves circulation - not by increasing heartbeat or blood pressure - but by opening and dilating arteries and capillaries. This also reduces swelling.


It's backed by more than 30 years of scientific research and over a decade of human studies.


“The brand new device you can't live without!”

“Best Alternative Health Product of the Year!”

It's also widely used in the treatment of bone fractures and torn tendons.


Enhances the synthesis of protein cells, allowing the body to take advantage of all protein available.


Penetrates deep to relieve muscle soreness.


Increases cellular level of oxygen absorption. Studies have shown O2 partial pressure increased 200%.


Infoceuticals help to restore the body's balance and stimulates specific healing responses.


Keeps your clients supple, relaxed and fit.


And more!


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“PEMF, The preferred non-invasive pain treatment.”

NASA research shows PEMF regenerates damaged tissue and increases cell longevity

Wellness at Home Anytime, Anywhere

This was the birth of a revolutionary idea: a home wellNES system that anyone can use easily, whether you are resting in bed or travelling the world.  SEE your Future Wellness and your Animal Wellness.

NES Total Wellness

Now, with a single click of your home scanner or miHealth, from the comfort of your own home, you and your practitioner can:

  • SEE beyond your symptoms

  • SEE the distortions in your body-field to help you clear energy blockages

  • SEE the information your body needs to activate your own healing system

  • SEE yourself get well and stay well

Remote scanning with the NES miHealth miWellNES